Supervisory Role in the Designee Management Application



Use this procedure to manage your designees in the MyTime leave and time card applications.


Perform this procedure when you need to add, remove, or view employees who are designated to act on your behalf to approve leave and time cards.


·         You must be a supervisor of employees at WVU.

·         You must have a valid WVU MyID and password to log into

Menu Path

Use the following menu path(s) to begin this task:

·         Log in to

·         Check your Notifications in the MyAccess menu to see any accepted or denied designee appointments.

Helpful Hints

·         If you experience difficulties with the MyAccess site or MyTime systems, contact the WVU Help Desk at 304-293-4444, toll free at 1-877-327-9260, or

Supervisors of employees in the Time and Leave systems may sometimes be unavailable to process leave requests or time cards as needed.  In order to assist in those cases, all supervisors have the ability to designate up to three other people in their group to act on their behalf when needed.


1.       Log into the web portal using your MyID account and password.

    As a supervisor, you will see the Designee Management application in the My Time section of your My Access menu.

Manage Designee link


2.       Click Manage Designee in the MyTime group of programs.


    When you open the Designee Management interface, you will be presented with a list of Guidelines about your responsibilities in processing leave and time cards.  Remember that someone is depending on you to receive an accurate paycheck.

3.       Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click OK to continue.  You must accept the guidelines to access the application.

Designee Management - Choose a Role


4.       Depending on your situation at the university, you may be both a supervisor of employees and a designee to another supervisor.  When you enter the Designee Management screens, you will be able to choose a role.

    If you are a supervisor only (and not a designee to someone else) you will see just the Supervisor role and not the Designee role.

4.1          Click Supervisor to appoint someone to serve as your designee in the MyTime applications (if you have both roles).

Supervisor Role


5.       Supervisors have the ability to:

Supervisor Designee Management Function

Go To

View or update your currently selected designees

Step 6

Select a new person to serve as your designee

Step 7

View any denied designee requests

Step 16


Current list


6.       The Designee Management application will automatically show your current list of designees.  You may also click Current Designees to view the list when you are on a different page.

6.1          Change the Start or End Dates for any existing designee assignment by clicking the calendar icon and choosing a date.

6.2          Click the Update button for the new date to take effect.

    A designee assignment may be made indefinite by removing the End Date (or leaving it blank).  This means the designee assignment will continue until you change it.

Select New Designee


7.       To add a designee, click Select New Designee.

Select Person

    Please follow the guidelines when choosing a designee (student workers and temporary workers are not appropriate choices to approve and edit time or leave).

8.       Click the drop-down arrow in the Select Designee field to see a list of your available designees.

    You can also begin typing a last name to narrow your results.

Available Designees Include

Your immediate supervisor

Co-workers who also report to your supervisor

Your immediate subordinates

    Please follow the guidelines when choosing a designee (student workers and temporary workers are not appropriate choices to approve and edit time or leave).

Choose a person

8.1          Click on the person's name to select that individual.

Selecting a Type


9.       Click the Type drop-down to select a type for this designee.

9.1          Choose if this designee will be your primary, secondary, or tertiary designee.

10.     Click in the Start Date field, or on the calendar icon (), to choose a date when this designee appointment will begin.

Choose a Date

10.1        Click on date to select it.

11.       If desired, click in the End Date field, or click on the calendar icon (), to choose a date when this designee appointment will end.

    You may wish to limit a designee's access to a certain range of time, such as when you are away on vacation.  You may also leave the designee appointment open-ended, and make this person your designee indefinitely.

Create Designee

12.     After you have selected the name, type, and date range, click Create Designee to submit your selection.

    A message will appear verifying that you understand your responsibilities as a supervisor and that they will not be waived by appointing a designee to assist you in managing time and leave for your employees.  You must also agree to ensure that your selected designee has been trained by you to use the My Time systems, to follow university business procedures, and to understand the work schedules of your employees.


13.     Choose an option.  Click one of the buttons:



I Accept

You acknowledge your responsibilities as a supervisor to ensure the designee follows appropriate procedures.

The designee assignment will be processed and will show up as a Pending designee request for the employee.

I do not Accept

You choose not to proceed with this designee request.

The designee assignment will not be processed and you will return to the Select New Designee screen.


Designee Created

    After you click 'I Accept', you will see a message indicating that the designee assignment has been created.

14.     Click OK to return to the Designee Management screen.

New Assignment


    You will now see the employee you selected in your list of current designees as a Pending assignment.  The employee must use the Designee Management application to Accept the appointment.

    You can change the dates of this designee appointment (for example, to end the assignment) and click Update to revise the assignment.

15.     If desired, add a secondary or tertiary designee by clicking Select New Designee and repeating the above procedure.

Current Designees

16.     View any designee appointments which have been denied by the employee by clicking Denied Designees.

Denied Designees

    If any employees have refused the designee assignment, they will be listed here.

    You should discuss the designee assignment with your employees beforehand and let them know you would like them to serve as your designee.  This would be a good time to cover time card and leave system functionality, as well as pay period deadlines and other university and departmental policies.

    Training materials for the Time Card and Leave systems can be found at the website.

17.       You have completed this task.